Start Yoga, Change Your Life

The facts are out there. You can google them, look them up, find them anywhere. The benefits of a yoga practice are powerful and life-changing. Not only does it provide your body with all the benefits of physical exercise, but it can also help calm your mind, body and spirit. It can help soothe depression and calm anxiety.

And most importantly, it can help you to enter into a relationship and conversation with your body after years of ignoring it. Or worse, after years of someone else having power over our bodies. It’s time to reclaim our bodies. Reclaim our lives. Reclaim our own power over our own futures and reclaim our health – both physical and mental.

In case you’re not sure where to start, in case you feel overwhelmed by all the launching pads for yoga out there, I’ve created this easy-to-follow guide for starting a yoga practice.

Want to start a yoga practice but have no idea where to begin? Have you taken a yoga class before and felt lost and confused – like you had no idea what was going on? If you answer “yes” to either of these questions, The Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Basics is the book for you!

Through humor, stories from my own practice, good ole fashioned practical tips, and over 2.5 hours worth of online video guides and content, I guide readers through the fundamentals of a basic yoga practice. In this book geared towards beginner yoga practitioners, learn how to, step by step, set up and practice a set of basic yoga poses.

I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 11 years and have over 500 hours of yoga teaching certifications. Through simple, direct and kind descriptions, I can help guide you to setting up your own, best yoga practice. Start your yoga journey now with this easy-to-follow guide!

Help me help you to reclaim your life.


40,000 Word Compassion

Well, well, well, will you look at that! I’ve managed to hit my 40,000 word goal!!

I’ve gotta say, I’m actually pretty proud of this. This is the first time I’ve managed to make it this far with a manuscript. Without, of course, all the usual self-loathing and self-degrading, negative, anxious talk of this sucks! or you’ll never make it! You can’t possibly be a writer! You’re no good at anything! Anything at all! 

Once upon a time I wrote 50,000 words. Then I shut it away in….

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Check out my NEW website!

Hey there everyone!

So at long last, after years of procrastination, dreaming, overwork, dreaming and more procrastination, I have FINALLY started my own website. Officially. With a blog this time.

Check it out at: . Follow me there!

While I’ve had several blogs throughout the years – the one about my travels in Paris about a million years ago, the one about healing after a lifetime of abuse, and one about searching for what comes next – I’ve decided to combine all my various interests under one header. The only thing that describes how it all comes together…





Narcissistic? Really hoping not. Just simplest I believe.

The other blogs provided me with opportunities to hide myself behind my writing. To take shelter behind my words. To not really admit that it was me saying those things. Me writing those things.

They provided me with beautiful opportunities to spread my wings. To test things out. To push myself further. To open up my voice without all the fear of rejection and recrimination that comes sometimes when you really attach your own self to something.

They were my blogs for crawling. But now I’m ready to walk.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get to read my stuff – I haven’t changed and yet I’m completely different all at the same time.

I’ll still try to post the struggles, the inspiration, the yoga and the triumphs of life. I haven’t forgotten you.

It’s just time to start spreading my wings. Time to start trying to turn this whole writing thing into more than a side hobby I sometimes can’t seem to make time for and into something that actually supplies…dare I say it?…an income? 

Ooo that word gives me chills.

The truth is, we writers need to eat too y’all!

So join me on my search for food – through words.

See you there.


Hello Again

Hello dear readers,

I know. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. A long while, in fact. In fact, I’m not even sure when the last time I published something on this blog was. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been doing a lot of my writing over here recently: Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in how my healing process has progressed since I first started on this site.

I also wanted to share with you all an interview that I did a while back with one of my readers of both blogs. It summarizes quite nicely I think (of course, I’m biased) my struggle with the healing process and sort of how I went through the toughest part of it all. You can find the original interview here:

Check it out! I hope it brings you hope and I hope you all are living life in a beautiful, healthy and happy way!

Learning to look up

For most of my life, I’ve walked with my head down.  Mostly as a preventative for tripping, but also due to a lack of confidence.  Lack of confidence in my ability to walk, lack of connection to the ground beneath my feet, lack of having any awareness in my feet, for that matter.  But also just for a plain, good old-fashioned dosage of self-deprecation.  If I looked down, maybe no one would take notice of me.  No one would make fun of me, and I wouldn’t be able to see the stares of people as I transitioned from my ugly duckling phase into the body of a pretty lady.  First seeing stares of disgust, and then stares of desire, both energies that I felt equally uncomfortable with.

I thought that maybe if I hunched enough, I could just disappear.  And in one sense I did disappear.  I disappeared into the space behind my eyes.  Looking at the ground, I withdrew into myself.  Into my thoughts, my daydreams, my emotions.  My fantasies for what my life could be like instead of what my life actually was like.  The space behind my eyes was a magical world, full of endless possibilities, not limited by my physical body when it experienced so many injuries, so many months on crutches.  Not limited by my emotional body, which kept me guarded from people, from relationships, from life.  In the space behind my eyes I was free.  I was strong.  I was so very different from the person who I saw when I looked into a mirror.  From the person who I felt that others saw in me.  So I just avoided looking.  I looked down, I looked away, I avoided making eye contact with my true self out of fear of what I might find there.

Until I came here.  Until I had a moment, where, in an instant so suddenly felt that my head snapped, I finally learned to look up.  When I finally wanted to look up.  When I finally felt grounded enough to trust my feet to hold me and to feel their way through space.  To trust them to guide me wherever I need to go.  To take the time to look at my present surroundings and to enjoy each moment.  Each moment of safety.  Each moment of beauty and of life.  Each moment of enjoying that I am a part of each enjoyable moment that I experience.  Slowly moving, drinking everything in with my eyes as I watch the sepia tones of sunset dance off leaves my size as they curl their protective arms overhead.

I feel like most of my life has been a journey towards learning to look up.  Towards learning to look myself in the face, in the soul, in the eyes. No more looking at the ground, Lauren, waiting to trip, scared to fall. I finally have the courage to face my life head on.  Head up.  Eyes forward.

Check out my new blog!

Hey everyone!  So before I go any further, I want to let you know that I will DEFINITELY continue to update this blog, but I wanted to share with you a link to my new blog.  This blog is (I like to think) a little more humorous, and more geared to my life after my experience of abuse, and is more about finding my sense of humor once more, and teaching yoga in my current location of Costa Rica. Check it out and let me know what you think!  Hope you enjoy!

Site Makeover and a special thanks

Hello dear readers!

So you may have noticed I changed the site appearance a bit. But have no fear, none of my original content has been lost, the content layout is still relatively the same, and I promise I will return to you soon with another pertinent blog post.

I just figured, as I move through a new phase of my healing process, my site should reflect those changes as well. I hope you see this site as a safe place to share, find healing, and be completely open. But I also hope that it helps you to stay positive about the future.

Looking back, I’m actually starting to get a little emotional now. When I compare where I was when I started this blog to where I am now…Well…I can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for the direction my life has taken since then.

When I started this blog over a year ago, I was devastated. Getting out of bed in the morning was hard and I wrote out of desperation. Out of a desperate need to share so that maybe someone…somewhere…was out there, feeling empathetic, understanding, something. And the response has been overwhelming.

So thanks, dear readers, for making this one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks for your support, your perseverance and dedication to healing, and for continuing to read.

Keep hoping!