Fresh Start

New Year’s resolutions.  For many I feel like it’s simply an exercise in dieting: lose weight, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, shed the holiday fat, miraculously become a new person.  As if during that 10 second countdown on New Year’s Eve before the clock strikes 12 or the ball drops, your life will change completely.

And maybe, for those lucky few, their life really does change.  Good for them.

But perhaps we put too much pressure on ourselves.  Too much pressure to say, this year I will forget about what happened, move on, “be healed.”  Especially in this day and age, we expect to see results fast; to be able to measure them with rulers and goals, awards and achievements.  When it comes to healing though, our bodies and minds may not quite work that way.  We can’t force ourselves to be “over something.”  We can’t snap our fingers, wave our wands, and forget.

But we can’t give up either.

This year I challenge you.  I don’t challenge you to force yourselves or to reach enlightened, nirvana like healing.  I challenge you to be kind to yourself.  To accept yourself for exactly who you are now, in this moment.  To see your beautiful flaws that only make you human and to forgive yourself for them.  To forgive yourself for what happened to you when you were younger.  This year, I challenge you not to change yourself, just to change how you view yourself.

It’s easy to get caught up in the new year – new you, you’re not good enough, rush.

But this year, become radical enough to love yourself.