How to be alone

So the focus the past few months for me has been the issue of loneliness.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve felt so alone, with the holidays that passed.  As I’m currently living out in the country, recovering from knee surgery and job searching, loneliness has been a real issue for me.  I miss seeing friends, meeting new people, and yes, having a dating life.  I miss being able to ride my bike, do yoga, and travel, all the things that I love to do that my knee is not yet healed enough for.  The truth is, sometimes I feel lonely.

I write in an earlier blog about ways to help loneliness.  I found the video below when I was stumbling one day, and thought it was very cute.  It continues the theme of coping with loneliness, and establishes an interesting plan to become more comfortable with being alone.  It is one girl’s take on loneliness, and I wanted to share it with you.  I hope you enjoy!

You can watch the video here:


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