Encouraging words from a Man

That’s right. Not all men are pigs, as much as I like to think so sometime. But honestly, it’s hard to blame a woman, who has spent most of her life being hurt by men, for generally mistrusting the male gender.

That’s why I wanted to share this article that I read, because it’s proof that good guys who are trying to change hurtful men’s views and treatment of women DO exist. This article questions the gender stereotype of women automatically being considered “crazy” by showing how in fact, we are not. We are valid people, with valid emotions and the right to express ourselves and our feelings in healthy ways.

“A Message to Women from a Man: You are Not ‘Crazy'”

Share this with the men and women you love. Together we can work to change the stereotypes of how women are perceived, and restore the credibility to which we are due, one reader at a time.


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