Feeling the Pain

Sometimes it’s important just to feel the hurt. To feel everything that happened and let it out. Cry, punch a pillow, write, paint, something that just breaks you down and chips away the wall and lets the flood come out. I’ve spoken of this need to release earlier, but I wanted to share this podcast. It’s from a podcast called The Moth-which invites writers, comedians, etc., to tell different stories based on certain themes for the night.

This podcast features comedian Anthony Griffith, though the subject is not comedic. While having nothing to do with abuse, I thought this is a great example of letting go, and hurt in general. So many of the underlying themes are parallel to what it feels like to bottle up sexual abuse-the idea of hiding a haunting pain, the pressure to put on a laughing face when all you need to do is to breakdown. The feelings of guilt, helplessness, and hurt are the same regardless of what type of hurt. And the feeling of being overwhelmed is also similar.

Sometimes, we just need to let go, to breakdown. I invite you to listen to this podcast. The words are different, but the emotions are the same. Let it be your tears, your release, and take comfort in the fact that everyone has something they’re trying to overcome.


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