Healing with poetry

This is an exercise I would encourage everyone to try. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a poem, and it doesn’t have to be amazing or publisher-worthy. Just try writing down how you feel about your abuse. In a summary, perhaps no longer than 1 page, write exactly how you feel about what happened and where you are now in this moment. My friend encouraged me to do this for her art project concerning people who have experienced sexual abuse, and I thought I would share with you what I wrote, as well as encourage you to do the same.

I find that writing can be very therapeutic, as well as helpful in sorting through what can be extremely muddled and chaotic emotions. I encourage anyone who does this exercise to post it as a comment on my blog. Let’s start a shared space, and share our mutual experiences.

Here’s mine:

Anger flows like pain
Flows like ink
I try to write the pain away
Try to dance the pain away
Try to draw the pain away

I numb and I run
But it screams through the drugs
Chases me down
I can’t escape

Finally, one day
I face the pain
I learn acceptance
I feel the anger
Feel the hurt
Stop trying to numb
Stop trying to hide, repress, and deny
I face the pain head on

It takes ages
I’m still working
The healing process seems never-ending
But I see the light
The sun is rising
Hope lies just ahead

Droplet by droplet
Peace seeps in
The anger slips away
Healing will follow
Healing is there

But I must fight for it
With both hands
With all my heart

Bitterness will not conquer
I will be whole again


5 thoughts on “Healing with poetry

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